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  City Lincoln Park , NJ
  Zip Code 07035
  Address 125 De Hart Str
  Phone Number (201) 274-4468

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When we had hired Mr. Joe Siddron to do our bathroom, we had no idea he didn't have experienced people working for him. They didn't know how to hang sheet rock, tile, or basically anything. Our tile floor cracked in a straight line across 8 tiles because the floor wasn't put down right. Nail heads were sticking out of the sheet rock that had been Spackled. There is a 3/4" gap between the tub and the tile. There is a line that goes around the top of the walls. The new sheet rock had a 7" round mushy spot which we are still trying to figure out. They destroyed our baseboard heat. The lists goes on and on.

We ended up taking it to small claims court, although we should have gone to the next court up to get triple our money (that's what the judge suggested). Being that it was substandard workmanship. My husband and I just wanted to put it behind us. Anyway, went to court Mr. Siddron never showed. We WON! our money. Then we had to garnish his account. Took us awhile to get all of our money back. I find Mr. Siddron to be very unprofessional and not honest. Before you decide to hire him make sure he has people that are sober and experienced in whatever job you want done.

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